About Me

MeRegardless of the Intro on my home page, my name is actually Rachel Small and I'm an author.

Everyone loves a good story. Some of us like to write them as well. I'm a retired truck driver now and I'm planning on spending my golden years telling the tales I've been carrying around in my head all this time.

And this is where I aim to do it. They are for the most part fantasy fiction, which, as I understand it, might be the bottom of the genre barrel but who cares. Not me. Not Mr. Tolkein either, or Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Jodi Taylor, or many of my other favourite authors!

So no snobbery here. It's fantasy (mine) fiction (obviously) and I write it so I can have my very own dragons and magic and all the trimmings and fun that go along with them.

As a caution, and in the name of (cough) realism, there may be explicit language and violence. I haven't decided yet about the sex... do trolls? Do goblins? They must procreate somehow. Maybe we don't want to know.

Nevermind. A question for later on.

Anyway, I do this for fun and maybe a little profit (if I'm lucky) so dive in and above all, ENJOY!

- Rach

This site is dedicated to online serial stories mostly for my own entertainment but I hope you enjoy them as well. A new segment is published every Monday and my Newsletter is every first of the month.