Resolutions Are Piling Up

Omg I think I opened a resolutionary (I know it's not a real word but it should be) Pandora's Box.

I was looking over that little list in my last post and thought, There are only two resolutions but they were quite big ones. I've got a lot of WiPs and I'll have to unsubscribe from Knit Picks's newsletter...

And it struck me that just those two things would not accomplish anything except get my WiPs dealt with and, let's face it, some of those I would be ripping out to repurpose the yarn. Which leaves me with even more yarn!

Wait, I said, what?

We need some stash-busters, I said to myself and abruptly realized I was talking to myself again and quit it.

I concentrated instead on this more productive list:

  1. Finish my Works-in-Progress. At least one per month.
  2. Buy No More Yarn From ANYWHERE!
  3. Make at least one pair of socks per month.
  4. Make one honeycomb per day - may stack but must equal 30/month.
  5. Make at least one Christmas gift per month.
Yeah, it's all about knitting. But that reminds me that I should probably add something about writing every day, or doing Tai Chi but those are things I want to do anyway. 

So, yes, it is all about knitting.


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