I Want To Try That: Tunisian Crochet

Wandering around the internet just before bed, my eye caught on and was held by Tunisian Crochet. I explored further and my head nearly exploded.

How have I never heard of this before now. I'm 63 years old for godsake!

Oh I've seen the weird crochet hooks/knitting needle thingies but never dreamed they did what they did. Do. You know what I mean.


I jumped on Amazon and ordered me up a pack of the funny-looking crochet hooks. And just for good measure - year's end approaches - I decided to put in one more order! from Knit Picks because when I went there to look at the hooks this huge, fabulous sale on Stroll Gradient jumped out and grabbed my credit card... and anyway, it's not quite the end of the year yet.

WiPs and FOs

So I got my brother-in-law's socks done.

And started on my sister's hat.

If I have time (and if I feel like it after all this stress) I'll make some mittens to go with the hat.

I'm having several ideas about my knitting (and crocheting) schedule in 2019. Obviously I'm going to be trying out the Tunisian stuff and I have a crocheted top in mind for my other sister but my knitting schedule must go on as well. I want to make a pair of socks per month at the minimum, plus one Christmas present. I also want to do Elizabeth Zimmermann's Almanac and thought I could combine that with the Christmas agenda.

I'm such a genius. Sometimes.


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