Getting Ready for the New Year

Yes, as I am knitting furiously away on last minute Christmas gifts (socks) my brain is scrambling over the huge twin boulders of 'What Resolutions To Make' and 'Is It Even Worth It?'

I've decided not to go with the usual ones this time around. You know... 'Lose 50 lbs by January 31st' or perhaps 'Read The Bible by Tuesday', but have decided to go with the slightly more difficult, 'Finish Knitting All My WIPs' and 'Don't Buy Any More Yarn For A Year'.

Quite frankly, I'd rather try and lose the fifty pounds (not sterling) in one month than pass up a Knit Picks sale on Felici. In terms of difficulty, living on dead earthworms and pond water seems rather easy by comparison.

Don't get me wrong; I am still working on losing weight and hope to lose at least another 30 lbs in 2019, if not more, but that is a daily grind and quite boring. I'm doing it now so I know. Telling everyone it's a Resolution seems rather lame.

As for Reading the Bible, I've done it twice and it's genuinely bloody boring, especially the Book of Numbers, so I won't be doing it again. Now if I stated I was going to read the Torah and would have to first learn Hebrew, well that would be something now, wouldn't it?

Moving on... I had to read that last bit to ensure I won't be offending anyone but decided to just leave it. Offense is certainly not intended but I'm old so things may have changed and I may be in the Land of the NPCs. (Non-Politically Correctness and not Non-Playing Characters for you WoW fans out there).

Still moving on... yes, as I already stated, I'm old and tend to wander a bit.

I decided to go with these two resolutions for obvious (at least to me and literally ANY knitter or crocheter on the planet):

1. Finish my WIPS - I've got Works-in-Progress all over the house, shoved into drawers, closets, handbags, Ziplock storage containers/baggies, shelves, baskets, and the trunk of my car. Yes! I need to get a handle on the situation; January 1st is the perfect time to do it!

2. Not Buying Any More Yarn - I swear, if I place ONE MORE ORDER OF YARN from ANYWHERE!!!

… I will slap myself in the head.

So there you have it, folks. My (short) list of New Year's Resolutions. I'd start right now but I have these Christmas socks to knit.

And a hat. I still have to cast on a hat. And Spouse has just requested a Christmas Vest. And would I make it in red, please?

Only 17 days till Christmas...


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